Human Hair Treatment: Ways to revive your Hair extensions and wigs

How to treat Human Hair and makes it Brand new again.

Human hair extensions and wigs can grow dull over a period, leading you to believe that it is time to dispose it. From tangles to split ends to problematic tangling, it can seem like your human hair weave on has reached its end. The good news is that you do not need to  throw that precious hair away. You can revive your old human hair extensions and wigs with a few simple tricks. 
Here are five steps you can take to revive your human hair weave on and wigs.

1. Detangle the Hair
Take some time to detangle the hair. This process is an absolute must-have to reduce the risk of shedding or breakage. Simply mix a few drops of olive oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it on the hair. Section the hair and using a wide-tooth brush or comb, gently remove those pesky knots. Gently comb the hair until all of the knots are gone. It is ideal to remove knots from the ends first so that you do not create breakage at the top of the track or root of the wig cap.

Another option is to apply coconut oil to your hair and apply a plastic cap and sit under a dryer to deep-condition the hair for approximately seven to ten minutes. This action will help to soften the hair and make the detangling process easier to carry out.

2. Clean Your Human Hair
Once the detangling process is done, cleanse the hair with a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos are excellent for removing excess hair product build-up like oils and dirts. For hair extensions, some may choose only to cleanse the hair, and not their scalp and others may want to wash the hair and their scalp. Should you decide to wash the hair and your scalp, you will need to take every precaution to ensure your natural hair and scalp adequately dry to reduce the risk of mildew or matting.

Towel dry your hair before applying a conditioner. Conditioning the hair will help to reintroduce moisture. Do not be afraid to deep-condition the hair by using a cap or wrapping the hair in a towel. Remember to avoid creating too much friction between the towel and your hair as you do not want to disrupt the overall structure of this hair.

Tip: When washing hair, move in the direction of hair growth. Try to avoid circular motions that might cause the hair to frizz or tangle.

3. Use a Hair Dryer to Dry the Hair
If your wig or extension is of the straight-variety, you can dry the hair using a blow-dryer. Of course, follow your standard protocol to applying a heat protectant to those tresses to reduce the risk for heat damage.

Tip: You can use a flat iron to help restore bone straight hair following the hair drying process. Remember to take your time when passing a flat iron of those tresses, because ultimately, this action will help to enhance the straightness of your hair.

4. Apply A Moisture-Sealing Oil
You can use Moroccan argan oil to help seal in moisture and restore shine. Moisture-rich human hair is less likely to tangle than hair that is dry. Also, keep in mind that the weave on or wig is not hair that is growing from your scalp and therefore, it requires you to apply oil to maintain adequate moisture and vibrancy.

Tip: Use no more than a nickel to quarter size amount of almond oil or argan oil on your hair. You want to be careful not to use too much, or you will weigh your hair down.

5. Seal the Wefts on Your Human Hair
One thing to keep in mind is that you must be careful not to disturb the wefts of your hair extension. You can seal your wefts to reduce the risk of hair fall. Before having your tracks installed, you can apply two to three coats of fray check. Fray check is a liquid seal or sealant that is typically used on fabric to prevent fraying, yet many in the hair community swear by it in the way of sealing wefts.

Tip: Sealing your wefts are not necessarily a component of the weekly regimen, but it is a step that you will want to take to stop shedding.

These steps are just one way to revive your human hair to its original state. You can try these methods to keep your hair looking fresh and feeling ultra-soft. The critical thing to remember is that a consistent hair care regimen will help to sustain the life and value of your hair.